‘Works wonders!’ Gardener has 79p hack that kills weeds between patio slabs instantly and stops them from growing back

AFTER a wet and windy winter, most gardens are in need of some major TLC.

Though your patio might not be looking it’s best, one gardener has revealed an easy to bring it back to life – with a 79p weed killer.

There’s an easy way to clean your patio without a pressure washerCredit: Getty
The non-toxic ingredient kills weeds instantly and is under 80pCredit: Alamy

If you are not naturally green fingered, gardening can often be a bit of a chore.

Whilst you might be tempted to let weed grow between your paving stones and patio, they can become a slip hazard – especially when wet.

Thankfully, gardening expert Thao Thai has shared is method of getting rid of moss and other weeds without any extra work.

For this simple hack, you’ll just need a spray bottle and some white vinegar as shown in the DIY influencer’s Tiktok video.  

As you tidy up your garden, just spritz a little bit on the offending weeds and over the 24 hours, the plants should begin to shrivel up.

This clever hack works because the acetic acid in vinegar helps to break down cell walls and remove any moisture from weed, which causes kills them instantly.

It also helps to kill off any lingering bacteria and microbes, which is why it is so routinely used in cleaning products and hacks.

If you are still struggling to get rid of your weeds though, Thao did have a recommendation for fans, saying: ” Some people also add a bit of table salt and a drop of dish soap but pure vinegar works well for me!”

Whilst this hack works wonders on patios, gravel driveways and paving slabs, there is one thing you should note before trying it out in your own garden.

‘You’ll be surprised’ homeowners say after trying £2 hack to remove driveway moss & it won’t come back for another year

Though chemical free, this DIY spray will kill any plants it’s sprayed on so you’ll need to be carefully not to get it on your lawn.

The content creator even mentioned this in the caption, telling fans: “Disclaimer: It’s non-selective so don’t spray it on your grass! Great on driveways and sidewalks to burn away the weeds!”

Despite the grass not loving it, this nifty cleaning tool is completely pet-safe – according to the Care First Animal Hospital.

Writing about vinegar as a cleaner, it advised pet owners: “Vinegar is an excellent alternative to ammonia because it isn’t dangerous for pets and is even edible.”

They added: “The ability of vinegar to break down buildups of dirt, scum and soap make it just as effective.”

If you do find your pup doesn’t like the scent, don’t despair as this should fade after a couple of days with no residue left behind.

As well as being pet-safe and non-toxic, there is another reason why we are so obsessed with this gardening hack – the cost.

Most weed killers will retail upwards of £5 per bottle, with industry sized bottles costing an eye-watering £30 for just 3l.

Alternatively, you can pick up a bottle of white vinegar from B&M for as little as 79p and it can be used for endless cleaning hacks.

Now, you’ve got no excuse for an untidy garden.

DIY expert Thao showed how effective the hack had been in his own gardenCredit: tiktok/@thaowowthai

Pet Safe Cleanner

If you are worried about your beloved pooch, you should use these alternative cleaning products instead:

Thymol – extracted from Thyme leaves, this is a fantastic alterative to bleach because of it’s antibacterial properties.

Baking soda – a cleaning staple for years, it can be used with white vinegar and water instead of harsh carpet cleaners.

Lemon juice – not as strong as white vinegar but still a powerful antibacterial and antifungal agent.

Hydrogen peroxide – this weaker bleach is still a powerful cleaning tool, which can be used for killing mould and removing stains. It also breaks down into water and oxygen – leaving no nasty residue which your pet could ingest.

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