Senior citizens celebrate Heritage month

“We wanted to do something special for our senior citizen because they are the ones who know more about our culture and heritage.

“Most of the time we tend to exclude them in celebrating our heritage and we can learn a lot from them as they are live history books,” says Pheko Makhubung, the manager of the home.

Senior citizens took part in various activities during the course of the day.

They recited indigenous poems, acted out dramas from their different cultures, taught each other about their different cultural regalia and competed in a cultural dance competition.

Makhubung says such a celebration wouldn’t be complete without serving cultural food and therefore they prepared something special for their residents.

“Our kitchen staff have prepared cultural food that will be served to the residents of the home, there is samp and beans from the Xhosa culture, masonja worms from the Venda culture, and tripe and skopo (sheep’s head), which is eaten by many African cultures.”

He adds that young people should involve senior citizens in their heritage celebrations because there are a lot of things they don’t know about culture and they can learn it from the elderly.

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