‘The Culture Show’ weighs in on March Madness

Today on The Culture Show, it’s our week in review! Hosts Jared Bowen, Callie Crossley and Edgar B. Herwick III are live from the Boston Public Library to talk through all of the headlines in arts and culture.

First up, a TikToker’s hot take lands her in hot water for saying that “Saturday Night Live” has, allegedly, never hired a “hot woman.”

From there, pop star Lizzo gives new meaning to “quitting while you’re ahead.” She didn’t quit music, but did quit negativity — as she was sure to clarify.

And when it comes to the NCAA, there’s no denying that the women are a hot ticket, with the price of women’s final four tickets far outpricing the men’s and women’s teams setting new records across the league.

From the Final Four, it’s the food finalists. Hear more about two local restaurants who recently scored James Beard Award finalist status.

Also on the show today, it’s follow-up Friday, where the hosts share the latest news on the developing stories we’ve been covering, from artificial intelligence to Elvis.

It’s all on The Culture Show — listen to the full episode above!

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