ISS Special Events: Exploring the Earth’s Orbit at 5MPS

The International Space Station (ISS) is a remarkable feat of human engineering and ingenuity. It serves as a home and workplace for astronauts from around the world, orbiting the Earth at a speed of approximately 8km per second or 17,900 mph to stay in orbit at 420 km  . While the primary purpose of the ISS is scientific research and space exploration, there are also special events that take place on board, providing unique experiences for the crew and those watching from Earth.

Life on the ISS

Before we delve into the special events that occur on the ISS, let’s take a moment to understand what life is like for the astronauts living and working in space. The ISS is a microgravity environment, which means that objects and people inside the station experience a sensation of weightlessness. This unique environment poses both challenges and opportunities for the crew.

On a typical day, astronauts on the ISS follow a carefully planned schedule that includes a variety of tasks such as scientific experiments, maintenance work, exercise, and communication with mission control and their loved ones back on Earth. They must adapt to living in a confined space and rely on each other for support and companionship.

Special Events on the ISS

While the crew’s main focus is on their scientific research and daily operations, there are several special events that bring excitement and a sense of wonder to life on the ISS. These events provide a break from the routine and allow the crew to connect with people on Earth in unique ways.


One of the most thrilling events that can occur on the ISS is a spacewalk, also known as an extravehicular activity (EVA). During a spacewalk, astronauts venture outside the confines of the space station to perform maintenance tasks, repair equipment, and conduct experiments. These excursions into the vacuum of space require careful planning and preparation, as astronauts must wear specialized suits to protect themselves from the harsh conditions.

Spacewalks not only serve practical purposes but also capture the imagination of people worldwide. They provide breathtaking views of Earth from space and give astronauts a chance to experience the awe-inspiring beauty of our planet firsthand.

Celebrations and Festivities

Life in space doesn’t mean the absence of celebrations and festivities. Astronauts on the ISS find ways to mark special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, and milestones. They may decorate the station, share special meals, and even receive care packages from Earth. These events help create a sense of normalcy and connection with their home planet.

Educational Outreach

The ISS serves as a platform for educational outreach, inspiring students and the general public to learn more about space and science. Astronauts on board often participate in live educational events, conducting experiments or answering questions from students on Earth. These interactions foster curiosity and encourage the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Media Events

The ISS also hosts various media events that allow journalists and the public to engage with the crew. These events can include live interviews, press conferences, and even virtual tours of the station. They provide a unique opportunity to learn about the daily lives of astronauts and the research being conducted on board.


While the International Space Station is primarily a hub for scientific research and space exploration, it also offers a range of special events that bring excitement and a sense of connection to life in orbit. From spacewalks that showcase the beauty of Earth to celebrations and educational outreach, these events highlight the human aspect of space exploration and inspire us to reach for the stars.

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