Cook And Boil Foods In A Jiffy With A Multi-Cook Kettle

By Krati Purwar Updated: Feb 12, 2024

Students in hostels and working professionals living alone face the difficulty of eating nutritious and tasty food. An electric kettle can be your one-stop solution to making noodles, boiling eggs, cooking rice, and preparing other dishes and hot beverages without hassle. 

When you are living alone or in a hostel, eating healthy and delicious food is a struggle. People often end up ordering in or eating the canteen food that does not taste good. However, if you own a kettle, you can cook dishes (yes, it is true) in a jiffy. These days, the market is flooded with options that no longer are used for just boiling water or preparing tea. Kettles are now multipurpose. They are like one-pot equipment which students and working professionals can use. 

Whether it is cooking a quick recipe or boiling food, you can do it in the comfort of your room, without owning an induction or a stove with a gas connection. If you invest in Glen’s Multi Cook Electric Kettle 9016, all your food and cooking-related issues will be resolved. It has a volume of 1.5 litres and requires a 600W power supply to function efficiently. The kettle comes with two heat settings to help you cook without burning your food or beverage. 

If you want to try this functionality of this kettle, here are a few quick dishes that you can make in it. 

What does a pack of instant noodles need? It needs boiling water and a bowl to mix the spicy and flavoured masala. The cylindrical shape of the kettle gives you enough space and depth to boil water, pour in your instant noodles, and add the masala mixture. Stir it well and let everything come together in a high-heat setting. After a couple of minutes, you can turn down the heat and let the noodles simmer. In no time, your favourite instant noodles will be ready in Glen’s Multi Cook Electric Kettle 9016. The lid comes off completely, so you won’t experience any hassle while cleaning it. 

Because that kettle has a volume of 1.5 litres, you can use it to boil milk or make tea. Unlike a stove or induction, Glen’s Multi Cook Electric Kettle 9016 won’t take much time. Within 4-5 minutes, your beverage will be ready. It is quick and easy and makes no mess. If you are feeling cold, how about making a cup of hot chocolate for yourself? You will only need to add chocolate, sugar, and cocoa powder to the boiled milk. Once the beverage is hot enough, the kettle will auto-shut off, preventing it from burning.  

If you can boil milk, make tea, or prepare a cup of hot chocolate, you can use Glen’s Multi Cook Electric Kettle 9016 to prepare soup. Imagine living alone or in a hostel when you are either too tired to cook or go to the mess, and you just want to snuggle in your blanket. You can get ready to mix a pack of soup, mix it in a bowl, pour it in the kettle, and wait for a couple of minutes to enjoy. You can top it with butter, fresh cream, and coriander leaves. 

Be it instant pasta or making it from scratch, either way, you can prepare it using the Glen Multi Cook Kettle 9016. The readymade pasta comes with a tastemaker and requires boiling water, which can be efficiently done in the kettle. Similarly, if making from scratch, just boil pasta, saute veggies, add spices, pasta sauce, and boiled pasta. Voila! Ready in minutes and in a single appliance only.  

Eggs are the easiest to cook and make for a wholesome meal. You can simply boil them in Glen’s Multi Cook Electric Kettle 9016 and achieve perfect soft or hard-boiled eggs in just a few minutes using an egg holding tray that comes with it. However, make sure that you add enough water to the mix to prevent the eggshells from cracking. Cut the boiled eggs in half, add some chopped onions, tomatoes, green chillies, and coriander on the top and sprinkle chaat masala to enjoy a heart dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can try to cook poached eggs too with this electric equipment as well.  

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