6 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid While Using Air Fryer

Mistakes to avoid when cooking in an air fryer. (Image Credit: Istock)

Air fryers have transformed our lives for the better. This kitchen appliance allows us to cook our favourite dishes with very little oil, making it a healthier cooking option. It has particularly gained popularity among weight watchers and those who wish to eat healthy in general. Many people use it on a daily basis to cook a variety of different dishes, such as samosas, aloo tikki, French fries, etc. However, there are times when the food doesn’t cook properly and you’re dissatisfied with the results. In such a situation, we often end up blaming the appliance itself or the food we cooked in it. But what we don’t realise are some common mistakes that we ourselves end up making. Wondering what these are? Read on to find out!
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Here Are 6 Mistakes To Avoid While Cooking In An Air Fryer:

1. You’re not preheating it:

Just as preheating is essential while using an oven, it is the same when cooking in an air fryer. Most of us often skip this step, and this is exactly why you don’t get the desired results. Preheating is essential, as it allows the air fryer to become hot before you put the food inside it. If it is too cold, it can result in uneven cooking.

2. Cooking foods in it that you shouldn’t:

Did you know there are certain foods you should avoid cooking in an air fryer? Yes, it’s true. Foods that have a wet batter, such as pakodas and vadas, are a big no-no in the air fryer. Another food you should avoid cooking in it is cheese, as it can create a mess. You must also avoid cooking popcorn in it, as it may not pop the kernels nicely.

3. Overfilling the basket:

Cooking requires patience, and no one likes to spend long hours in the kitchen. However, this does not mean that you should overfill the air fryer basket. You may think it’ll end up saving you time, but it may have the opposite outcome. Overfilling the basket can result in uneven cooking, and you might have to repeat the entire process.

4. Not using the right amount of oil:

There’s a common misconception that cooking in an air fryer means using no oil at all. But that’s not true. It certainly helps reduce the amount of oil used by a significant amount, but you still have to use some. You must grease the air fryer basket with oil before adding the food, or else it’ll end up sticking to its surface. So, remember to always use a little.

5. Not flipping the food in between:

Another mistake air fryer users make is not flipping the food in between. Most people simply add the food to the basket, set the temperature for it to cook, and forget about it. If you do not flip the food in between, it won’t cook evenly on both sides. It can also overcook from one side, and this is something we want to avoid.
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6. You’re not cleaning it properly:

If you want your food to cook properly, you must clean your air fryer. Not doing so can have a direct impact on the cooking process. After all, no one likes leftover residue from previous food to transfer to what you’re cooking next. A clean air fryer will ensure your food turns out perfectly every time. It may take a bit of extra time, but the results are totally worth it.

The next time you plan to cook something in your air fryer, keep these easy tips in mind. Please share your experience with us in the comments below. Happy Cooking!

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