Police confirm events that led to deadly shooting

All victims at Children’s Mercy Hospital expected to recover

Debra Jones

Children’s Mercy Hospital received 12 patients from the rally, 11 of whom are children ranging from 6 to 15 years old, and nine of the children had been shot, a spokesperson for the Kansas City hospital said.

All the victims are expected to recover, the spokesperson said. Three of them are still being treated at the hospital and all others have been released.

Police had earlier said the age range of the victims began at 8 years old. The reason for the discrepancy between police and the hospital is unclear at this point.

Union Station, site of the shooting, staying closed today

Will Ujek

Representatives for Union Station in downtown Kansas City, the location of yesterday’s deadly shooting, said the building will remain closed today. Only essential staff will be on site.

The tentative plan is to reopen the building tomorrow morning.

At least half of the victims are under age 16

Daniel Arkin

The more than 20 people injured during yesterday’s shooting range in age from 8 to 47, and at least half are under the age of 16, Kansas City’s police chief told reporters at this morning’s news conference.

Children’s Mercy Hospital later said the age range for victims began at 6 years old. The reason for the discrepancy between police and the hospital is unclear at this point.

Shooting resulted from ‘dispute between several people,’ 2 juveniles in custody

Daniel Arkin

Yesterday’s shooting came amid what “appeared to be a dispute between several people that ended in gunfire,” Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves told reporters today.

Graves said that three people were in custody in connection with the shooting, two of whom are juveniles. Several firearms were recovered, she said.

At least one person is dead and 23 others were injured in the shooting. The police chief said investigators have not found any link to terrorism or homegrown extremism.

Biden renews call for new gun measures

Nnamdi Egwuonwu

Daniel Arkin

President Joe Biden again called on Congress to enact tighter national gun measures, asking rhetorically on X: “How many more families need to be torn apart?”

5 gunshot patients discharged from hospital, 3 remain in critical condition

Karen Cortes

Daniel Arkin

Five of the people who were being treated for gunshot wounds at the University Health hospital have been discharged, the medical center said today.

Eight patients with gunshot injuries were brought to the hospital yesterday. Two of them remain in critical condition, and one was in stable condition as of this morning.

The hospital also received four patients with non-gunshot injuries. Three of them have been discharged.

Elsewhere, St. Luke’s Hospital said today it had one gunshot wound patient still in critical condition and that four walk-in patients with minor injuries from fleeing the scene were all treated and released.

Remnants of celebration remain at scene of shooting

Antonio Planas

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The scene is quiet this morning on Main Street by Union Station, where yesterday’s violence unfolded.

The station was adorned with three giant banners proclaiming the Chiefs as Super Bowl champions.

Remnants of the celebration were scattered about, including folding chairs, blankets, clothes, food and bottles of various beverages, seemingly where crowds took off and left things behind as the gunshots erupted.

Antonio Planas-Masi / NBC News

Workers picked up garbage, including red and yellow confetti. A handful of police cars monitored the street that was blocked off in multiple directions to the general public.

Antonio Planas-Masi / NBC News

Victim killed at parade was there with Chiefs fan son

NBC News

The person fatally shot at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory parade has been identified as Lisa Lopez-Galvan, a popular local radio DJ who was attending the celebration with her son, a fan of the Chiefs. NBC News’ Ellison Barber reports on the response from her station, KKFI.

Shooter was ‘spinning and shooting in a circle,’ says family with three members who survived being shot

Patrick Smith

A man who was shot at the Chiefs’ victory celebration yesterday, along with his wife and son, says his family saw someone spinning in a circle and spraying bullets into the crowd.

Jacob Gooch from Leavenworth, Kansas, told CBS Mornings about his terrifying ordeal: His 13-year-old son was shot in his foot and still has a bullet lodged there; his wife was shot in the calf, which the bullet passed straight through, while he was shot in the ankle and suffered a couple of broken bones.

“I haven’t even begun to process this morning. It’s just crazy. We’re all still in shock right now,” he said. “I personally did not see the shooter. I heard the altercation of a girl who said like, ‘You don’t do it [the shooting] out here, this is stupid,’ or something like that. And then the gunshots, which at the time I thought were fireworks.

“My wife and daughter saw the shooter come out … she said she saw some lady pulling him back and people had started backing up and then he pulled it out and started spinning and shooting in a circle.”

At least two gunshot victims are in a critical condition, hospital says

Patrick Smith

At least two people shot outside Union Station during the Chiefs’ victory celebrations yesterday are in critical condition in the hospital, hospitals confirmed today.

University Health said in a statement before 9:30 a.m. ET that eight people were being treated there for gunshot wounds, while four others are bring treated for other injuries.

“The victims brought here from the Union Station incident are being treated by the best trauma specialists in the city. All of our hearts go out to the victims and their families,” it said in a statement.

Separately, Saint Luke’s Hospital said today it was treating four people with minor injuries and one with a gunshot wound. In an earlier update, the hospital said the gunshot victim was in a critical condition.

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