Blending Modern & Traditional Styles To Craft Distinctive Living Spaces

duplex houses with lift provisions, catering to the varying requirements of different age groups. Strategically situated on Hoskote to Airport road, Phase Two maintains the strategic location that has been a hallmark of Terra Alegria. The internal roads, measuring 30-foot and 40-foot respectively, provide convenient accessibility, while the project’s proximity to key areas like Whitefield enhances its overall appeal. One of the crucial highlights of Phase Two is the continued adoption of the innovative construction technology known as Mivan Technology.

This technology represents a departure from conventional construction methods, utilizing a unique shuttering material to expedite the building process. The result is a rapid construction timeline and enhanced transparency for customers who witness visible progress at each stage of their villa’s development and eradicate the most common construction defect of cracks in the conventional construction.

Terra Alegria Phase Two introduces diverse facilities to enhance the overall living experience. The Central Park, senior citizen sports area, clubhouse with co working spaces, and the proposed Watchtower near the natural lake contribute to a holistic and vibrant community living environment. These amenities cater to various age groups, ensuring that residents can engage in recreational activities suitable to their preferences.

M1 Homes Goes Beyond Merely Constructing Houses; It Extends A Suite Of Comprehensive In-House Services To Create A Seamless & Hassle-Free Experience For Its Customers

Continuing the commitment to holistic living, the villas in Phase Two adhere to Vaastu-compliant plans. The meticulous planning ensures that every aspect of the house aligns with Vaastu principles, offering residents a harmonious and positive living environment. The dedication to open spaces remains a focal point, with a significant percentage of the 30-acre land parcel dedicated to parks, play areas, and greenery.

Phase Two has seen the spur of sales and construction activity in a mega way. The company is anticipating completion and handover of these Villas by 2025. This timeline underscores M1 Homes’ commitment to delivering on promises and maintaining a consistent track record of timely project completion.

Y Srinivasa Rao, Director

M1 Homes goes beyond merely constructing houses; it extends a suite of comprehensive in-house services to create a seamless and hassle-free experience for its customers. One standout feature is the company’s commitment to assisting customers with banking and loan facilities. “We ensure that customers do not need to navigate the complexities of securing loans independently”, says Y Srinivasa Rao, Director at M1 Homes.

The commitment to a seamless process extends beyond financial aspects. M1 Homes ensures that every step, from initial inquiries to the final handover, is marked by transparency and efficiency. The company’s customer-centric approach is reflected in its dedication to promptly addressing customer needs and providing a holistic experience beyond the mere transaction of buying a property.

With Phase Two underway, M1 Homes envision completing over 350 villas in the same locality and establishing a mini township in the thriving Hoskote area by 2025. The company’s commitment to innovation extends to plans for apartment projects and commercial spaces, further diversifying its real estate portfolio.

M1 Homes, with its financial expertise, innovative construction methods, and customer-centric approach, continues to shape the narrative of Bangalore’s real estate sector. As the company navigates the evolving industry landscape, it remains dedicated to providing not just homes but distinctive living experiences for the discerning residents of Bangalore.

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