New Exhibit at Country Music Hall of Fame Features Jelly Roll, Luke Combs and Others






Country music, any music, any artform evolves.  Safe to say country music is evolving again. There’s a shift to a 90’s sound of country, there’s red dirt/americana country, there are artists who are landing right there in the middle of what traditionalist expect country, there’s country rock and then there’s pop-country.  The latest example of the latter is the new Beyonce song that is landing on country radio called “Texas Hold ’em”.



In a matter of days it has dominated not only the discussion about does it deserve a place at the table but also, the new and trending dances are all over social media.  It has quickly become the new “Fancy Like”.




My opinion, for what it’s worth, I like the new Beyonce song. Afterall, country music is rooted in African American music…heck a lot of genres are. Will it be around forever, no.  It’ll ‘burn’ pretty fast just like “Fancy Like” or “The Git Up”



…but I believe it makes sense and country music it, as it exists today, should play it.




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