Americans’ Top Financial Worry: Healthcare

Healthcare issues claim the top spots in the list of things U.S. voters are “very” or “somewhat worried” about being able to afford, according to the latest tracking poll from the healthcare foundation KFF.

Nearly three in four (74%) Americans are concerned about being able to afford unexpected medical bills, and nearly the same proportion (73%) say they worry about the cost of healthcare services. The price of prescription drugs is also a concern, with 55% of poll respondents expressing anxiety about being able to afford their medications, as is the cost of health insurance, with 48% saying they worry about being able to afford their monthly premiums.

According to the poll, voters want to hear from the presidential candidates about their plans to address soaring costs. Eighty percent of respondents said it is “very important” for the candidates to talk about the affordability of healthcare – an issue topped only by inflation, which 83% of poll respondents cited. Other issues that voters want to hear about include the future of Medicare (73%), the future of democracy (72%) and immigration (69%).

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