Examine American history, warts and all, and encourage kids to think

  • Schuyler Snakenberg is a secondary social studies teacher for a small community in southeast Iowa with nearly 14 years of experience.

I am a parent and an educator. I have worked in public education for nearly 14 years at the secondary level as a social studies teacher. I am not writing this as a representative of my district or my union. I feel that it is time for a calm voice to cut through the clamor.

As a government and sociology teacher I have felt increasingly that I am walking a razor’s edge. Now with various proposals on education in the Iowa Legislature, it feels that one wrong word could bring the entire state down on me. Despite this, I am still willing to do my job every day.

It seems that almost weekly we are being presented with new changes to our state’s education policy. A recent proposal looks to present only the high points of our nation’s history and government in an effort to teach “devotion to the exceptional and praise worthy history of the United States.”

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