Ann Arbor’s Cahoots and Penny Seats Theatre Company Forge Innovative Downtown Partnership

In the heart of Ann Arbor, Michigan, an exciting collaboration emerges, blending the vibrant energy of the arts with the dynamic world of coworking spaces. This year, the Penny Seats Theatre Company, a beloved local non-profit professional theater group, finds a new stage at Cahoots, a coworking space known for fostering innovation and community. This partnership promises to transform 206 E. Huron St. into a hub of cultural activity, offering residents and visitors alike a unique blend of entertainment and creativity.

A Dream Realized

For Lauren London, Executive Director of Penny Seats, this collaboration represents a significant milestone. “It’s a dream come true,” she remarks, reflecting on the challenges small non-profits face with the high costs of downtown rental spaces. The move to Cahoots not only alleviates these financial pressures but also marks a return to downtown Ann Arbor, enabling the theater company to offer walkable, dinner-and-a-show evenings that enhance the city’s cultural appeal. This year, Penny Seats plans to present three mainstage plays at Cahoots, each running for three weeks, including titles such as ‘Beehive: The 60’s Musical’, ‘Usher’, and ‘The Men of Sherwood’.

Enhancing Audience Experience

One of the driving forces behind this partnership is the desire to improve audience comfort. By transitioning from outdoor park performances to a climate-controlled environment, Penny Seats aims to eliminate the unpredictability of weather disruptions, ensuring a more enjoyable and consistent theater experience. This move not only benefits the audience but also opens up new creative possibilities for the theater company, allowing for more diverse and ambitious productions.

A Cultural Boost for Downtown Ann Arbor

This innovative collaboration between Cahoots and Penny Seats Theatre Company is set to enrich the cultural landscape of downtown Ann Arbor. By bringing theater back to the heart of the city, this partnership not only provides a platform for local talent and diverse performances but also contributes to the vibrancy and appeal of the downtown area. As the Penny Seats Theatre Company embarks on this new chapter, the community eagerly anticipates the creative energy and unique experiences that will emerge from this dynamic fusion of arts and coworking space.

As we look forward to the upcoming shows and the potential this collaboration holds, it’s clear that this partnership between Cahoots and Penny Seats Theatre Company represents a significant step forward for the arts in Ann Arbor. By overcoming the challenges of downtown rental costs and enhancing audience comfort, this collaboration not only supports the growth of local theater but also enriches the cultural fabric of the city. The community awaits with anticipation, ready to embrace the innovative performances and vibrant cultural experiences that lie ahead.

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