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Tune in to hear our host Jason Raznick and engage in an incredible conversation with Chris Cassidy Navy SEAL and NASA Astronaut.

Chris’s Top 3 Takeaways:

1.Fuel your passion by fearing letting the team down – a game-changer in both sports and work. It’s about doing your job and carrying your weight!

2. Break from individual performance norms. Teamwork is the secret sauce for realising dreams! Companies thrive when individuals work in their lane and lend a helping hand.

3.Whether in a spaceship, on a basketball court , or in the boardroom, the golden rule persists: excel at your job and actively support your team. That’s the recipe for greatness!


Why you should listen to this episode:

– Confidence Through Preparation: Whether preparing for a SEAL mission or a spacewalk, dedication and training builds the foundation for handling fear and anxiety.

– Pursue Your Passion: Chris Cassidy exemplifies the power of chasing your dreams. His shift from SEAL to astronaut shows that with dedication, anything is within your orbit.

– Value of Camaraderie: Laughter and camaraderie are universal, providing a sense of normalcy and bonding even in the most extraordinary circumstances.

Let Chris Cassidy’s story inspire you to aim high and find the courage to explore uncharted territories in your personal and professional life.


The incredible journey that goes from the precision of a Navy SEAL right into the vastness of space. You won’t believe the extraordinary life of Chris Cassidy – a childhood dream turned into a powerful story of passion and dedication.

Chris shares the challenges and triumphs of his dual roles as a Navy SEAL and an astronaut. From the intense fear experienced during launches to the tense moments of spacewalks, he unravels the secrets that have fueled his remarkable success.

Chris attributes his ability to confront the unknown in space to the invaluable lessons learned in SEAL training, his journey underscores the significance of teamwork, cooperation, and accountability as integral parts of a larger team dynamic.

His career is awe-inspiring, and the takeaway is crystal clear: throw in commitment to your passion and a collaborative spirit, and you’re set for exceptional heights.

You don’t want to miss out on this inspiring story, a guiding light for anyone out there navigating their own uncharted paths.


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