Sununu spending NH tax dollars for political stunt at border: Letters

Gov. Sununu spending NH tax dollars for his political stunt

Feb. 22 — To the Editor:

You’ve got to be kidding me! Gov. Chris Sununu plans to spend almost a million taxpayer dollars to rip a dozen New Hampshire National Guard members away from their families and jobs, uprooting their lives completely, and send them to the southern border in Texas? To do what? Hang around with the Texas National Guard and watch migrants flounder in the Rio Grande? Have a beer with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott while he thumbs his nose at the Supreme Court? It’s ridiculous. To top it off, Sununu is wasting our money on this political stunt.

I see what’s happening here. Sununu endorsed the wrong candidate in the Republican primary (Nikki Haley), so now he has to somehow salvage his MAGA-credentials, and he’s decided this desperate ploy is the way to do it. He’s using our money to bolster his political future. And he calls himself a fiscal conservative!

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