Katie Ledecky focused on 2024 Paris Olympics. What about 2028 Games?

Katie Ledecky, the greatest female swimmer in history, calls herself a “sports nerd” who always has the television turned to some sort of game, so she knows all about the dramatic changes occurring across the women’s sports landscape.  

“I’m always flipping through the channels, just seeing the number of women’s games and meets on TV,” Ledecky said in a phone interview the other day. “I’m seeing more and more of it. It’s an exciting time, just getting more eyes on women’s sports and having some really great stars show what they can do, just showcasing what women can do at that level.”

It’s not just on TV. While she has been training for this summer’s Paris Olympics, she has seen fans lined up for an afternoon gymnastics meet at the University of Florida when she is walking into her 6 a.m. practice. 

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