‘I’m 28 but also only seven years old – people are baffled but I’m tired of explaining it’

A woman has said she’s ‘tired’ of explaining how she’s only seven years old, despite the fact that she’s 28 – but she did say she finds her unusual predicament ‘special’

Chantal is ‘tired’ of explaining herself(Chantal Breland / SWNS)

Birthdays are a really fun occasion for many people as they’re an excuse to celebrate yourself, and the past year of your life, with your family and friends.

However, one woman claims that it’s “special” that she only celebrates her date of birth once every four years – because the 28-year-old is a leap-year baby. Chantal Breland, 28, was born on February 29, 1996 – a leap year – and says her ‘real age’ confuses “a lot” of people, because, of course, she’s technically only ever seen seven birthdays in her life, despite the fact she was born 28 years ago.

Chantal thinks it’s ‘special’ that she has less birthdays (Chantal Breland / SWNS)

Chantal doesn’t see her non-leap year birthdays as much of a celebration, but this year, she’s planning on getting dressed up for a big party at a club with pals.

Chantal, a hairstylist, said: “I love being a leap year baby – it feels really special, only being able to celebrate every four years. Nobody really understands my real age – it always takes a long conversation with the bouncer if I want to go to a club. I’ve always done big leap year birthdays – it only comes around every four years.”

When she was growing up, Chantal’s family always got her a cake on February 28, but they kept her celebrations low-key, and then once every four years, her family would up the ante by taking her bowling, ice skating, or throw a big party for all her besties. Then, as she’s gotten older, she’d choose extravagant parties every four years on her actual birthday.

For her 24th birthday in 2020 Chantal and her friends colour co-ordinated “hot pink outfits” with balloons and invitations and went to a bar, and it was really memorable.

Chantal celebrates in style every four years(Chantal Breland / SWNS)
She looks back at past birthday fondly (Chantal Breland / SWNS)

She said: “I did eventually catch on with that being every four years – at school, they taught us about leap years and my friends would freak out about my ‘real age.'” She admitted she’s “tired” of explaining her two ages to different people – and says she always finds herself in unwanted conversations as “people just don’t get it”, including bouncers.

Chantal, from Algonquin, Illinois, said: “They’ll look at the date of my birthday – and once it’s clicked, they’ll try and tell me their cousin’s-sister’s-brother’s-husband also has a leap year birthday. And it’s like, okay!”

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