Wil Bethmann Transforms into Crumpet for Diversionary Theatre’s ‘The Santaland Diaries’

From the Pulitzer Prize-winning stages of ‘Angels in America’ to the whimsical despair of department store elfdom, actor Wil Bethmann is set to captivate audiences in Diversionary Theatre’s production of ‘The Santaland Diaries.’ Directed by Anthony Methvin, this solo performance showcases Bethmann’s versatility, bringing to life David Sedaris’ darkly humorous narrative. As the holiday season approaches, Bethmann dives into the challenges and delights of portraying Crumpet, the elf with a sharp tongue and a heart of gold.

From Angels to Elves: Bethmann’s Journey

Despite the stark thematic differences between his previous roles and Crumpet, Bethmann finds a common thread in the humor and humanity of Sedaris’ writing. Known for his standout performances, the actor embraces the unique challenge of a one-man show, aiming to infuse Crumpet with relatability amidst the cynicism. Bethmann’s affection for Sedaris’ work and his personal experiences in similar, whimsical jobs add depth to his portrayal, promising a performance that balances sarcasm with sincerity.

Behind the Curtain: The Making of a Mall Elf

‘The Santaland Diaries’ offers a peek behind the tinsel-covered facade of holiday cheer, exposing the comedic yet poignant realities of seasonal employment. Bethmann draws parallels between his character’s goal of delivering genuine experiences and his own past endeavors in interactive entertainment. The actor’s insights into the dynamics between Crumpet, the children, and their parents reveal a deeper commentary on the commercialization of Christmas and the quest for authenticity in a manufactured wonderland.

A Fresh Take on Holiday Traditions

Amidst a sea of conventional holiday productions, ‘The Santaland Diaries’ stands out for its willingness to explore the darker, more absurd aspects of the festive season. Bethmann’s enthusiasm for the role and the play’s critical acclaim suggest that audiences are in for an unconventional holiday treat. As the performance unfolds, viewers are invited to reflect on their own holiday experiences through the lens of humor and honesty, making ‘The Santaland Diaries’ a must-see this winter.

As the curtains prepare to rise, Wil Bethmann’s transformation into Crumpet offers a refreshing departure from traditional holiday fare, promising laughter, introspection, and perhaps a little holiday magic, redefined. With previews beginning today and the official opening on Nov. 30, Diversionary Theatre’s latest production is poised to become a memorable part of San Diego’s holiday season.

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