Kids in the Crookston area eligible to receive a driver’s permit will have another opportunity for Driver’s Education courses. The next dates for the course will be from March 25 through April 15. Registration is due by March 22 if you or someone you know would like to be enrolled.

To be eligible for Drivers Education, students must be 15 or older by May 1 of this year. Parents of the students must complete a Drivers Education form either at the Crookston High School office or by visiting the Crookston Public Schools website. “There are plenty of opportunities to get this done,” said Driver’s Education instructor Chris Trostad, “But we want students to take the class as close to their 15th birthday as possible. This way, as soon as they finish the class, they can get their written permit, drive six hours with me, and log 50 hours (20 hours at night).” Students must have their written permit for at least six months before taking their road test and ultimately getting their driver’s license.

Students looking to get a farmer’s permit can get their license 15 years after completing the course and logging driving hours with Mr. Trostad and on their own, with 30 hours logged in the daytime and 20 hours logged at night. “Farm permit students can drive for a farm-related purpose,” said Trostad, “It has to be within 20 miles of the family farm and cannot be at night. So this gives a couple of options for families whose main income is farming. Students can get that permit early and help out on the farm.” Students who receive farmer’s permits are still required to hold their permits for six months before taking their road test and getting a driver’s license.

The Driver’s Education course costs $325, and the fee covers 30 hours of classroom courses and six hours of behind-the-wheel. The course fee must be paid before the first day of class. Once the course is completed and students log their 50 additional hours behind the wheel, they can take their written permit test at the courthouse.

To find other future Driver’s Education course dates, visit and search Drivers Education.


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