Plants to prune in spring that you may have in your garden |

Spring is a wonderful time to prune a lot of trees, shrubs, and perennial plants in your backyard. After the cold winter months, most gardeners will revel in the fact they can get outside in spring and give plants a trim and tidy.

Knowing which plants to prune in spring offers many benefits. Taking the pruning shears out allows you to shape and control shrubs and tidy up perennials in flower beds and borders. Pruning also means plants remain healthy and will put on a fantastic display of flowers over the coming season.

While lots of plants will benefit from spring pruning, not all will. To help you make decisions about what to trim this spring, and avoid making any pruning mistakes, we take a close look at some groups of plants that should be on your to-do list over the coming months.

Woman pruning in spring with pruning shears

(Image credit: Getty Images/amriphoto)

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