At Your Service: Travel Vlogger Gets Food Delivered By Robots During China Vacation

Thanks to the advent of technology, we have been witnessing things in real life that were once just a dream. Recently, a travel vlogger named Ken Abroad got the opportunity to witness a wonderful marriage of food and technology during his visit to Shanghai, China. And much like him, social media users were also impressed by this invention. During his stay at a hotel, Abroad dropped an interesting video on Instagram recording his reaction to his food being delivered by a robot. 

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The video opened with the vlogger saying, “I am getting food delivered by a robot in China.” Flipping the camera, he showed a telephone ringing in his room, indicating that his food had arrived at the doorstep. Once he opened the door of his hotel room, Ken Abroad was greeted by a mini white robot. Unable to decipher what the object was speaking in Chinese, he searched for any additional information to receive the meal. He soon found a digital screen displaying the word “Open” on the robot’s dome-shaped head. 

Once Ken Abroad gave a tap on the dome, a compartment slid open at the centre, revealing his well-packaged food. After taking out the food containers from the fridge-like opening, the vlogger once again pressed the button and the compartment closed automatically. A timer flashing on the screen displayed the time frame within which the food was to be collected. After completing its duty, the wheel-attached robot rolled away through the corridor. “This feels quite futuristic!” wrote Abroad in the caption. 

The internet community expressed their excitement at the robotic food delivery technique in China. One person wanted to know, “Would you say China or Japan is more futuristic?”

Another wondered whether the food was cooked by a robot too.

A third individual guessed that the robot was trying to say, “Please give me a good review.” 

A user found the service to be “very convenient for the customers.”

“This feels like what life in the 2050s will be like,” imagined another person. 

Many shared the sentiment that it was quite “cool”

What are your thoughts on this fun food delivery system?

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