Elon University’s first fashion club promotes education, awareness, inclusivity

Phoenix Fashion is Elon University’s first fashion club whose mission is to educate others about the fashion industry, promote sustainability, create clothing pieces and showcase created garments. 

Sophomore Brooke Gustafson established Phoenix Fashion to create an organization that could educate others on fashion and sustainability, but still be a place where people can look and feel good regardless of their skill set, knowledge of fashion or gender. 

Though Gustafson is studying abroad and was unavailable for comment, Interim President of Phoenix Fashion Tia Wohl and the club’s artistic director, Elise Whitaker, said the club is still upholding Gustafson’s vision for the organization.

“I think that’s a great way to show all genders, all different styles of fashion because fashion is subjective,” Wohl said. “Anyone can be a part of it. A lot of our events include sewing workshops and fashion trivia but nothing is ‘gendered.’”

Whitaker said Gustafson was able to create a welcoming environment for Phoenix Fashion members and all Elon students. 

“I really just loved her passion for fashion,” Whitaker said. “I feel like I really belong when I come to Phoenix Fashion, and I’ve found my own artistic abilities.” 

Despite being a club for only a semester, Phoenix Fashion has learned how to incorporate fashion into Elon’s campus.

“I’m leading a magazine that we’re creating for the club,” Whitaker said. “We’re also trying to showcase fashion trends here at Elon and incorporating fashion as a whole into Elon’s identity.”

Phoenix Fashion has also been focused on creating brand recognition through social media. 

“We’re focusing a lot of this semester on branding, getting our logo out there, posting on Instagram,” Wohl said. “Also staying consistent with posting and starting to collaborate with people.”

The organization is also hosting a wide variety of events. 

“Typically we’ll have a thrifting trip where we will take people to Goodwill and we just let them go nuts in there,” Wohl said. After the thrifting trips, Phoenix Fashion will hold workshops teaching members how to upcycle the clothing they thrifted and at the end of the year the club will have a photoshoot for their magazine that showcases all of the recycled pieces of clothing.

Moving forward, Whitacker said the club hopes to collaborate with other student organizations and campus resource groups for workshops and other events.

“Definitely working with the GLC in the future,” said Whitaker. “A lot of fashion trends that we see are from people that are underrepresented, and we really want to collaborate with those people because it gives them a voice.” 

Wohl also said that Phoenix Fashion plans to work with the Center for Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Education , Oaks Originals and Elon Sustainability.

“One thing that we do is our ‘What Are You Wearing Wednesdays,’ where we go around campus and find students, and it doesn’t matter what they’re wearing,” Wohl said. 

In addition to fashion sustainability and education, Phoenix Fashion also aims to create an inclusive environment for all people interested in fashion at Elon University through their social media and workshops. 

“We want more collabs to happen and we want to increase our board size as our club continues to grow,” Wohl said. “We also just want to have a lot of workshops whether it’s for sewing, makeup, photography, hair, or what putting an outfit together looks like.”

Phoenix Fashion holds meetings on the first Tuesday of every month in McEwen 210 and the club can be followed on Instagram @phoenixfashionelon.

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