The Smile Performed With An Orchestra For The First Time At BBC Radio 6 Music Festival

The Smile performed live with an orchestra for the first time at the BBC Radio 6 Music festival on Saturday night. The supergroup, which released its sophomore album Wall Of Eyes in January, were joined by the London Contemporary Orchestra for most of the set, before coming out for an extended band-only encore. The show also included the live debut of “I Quit.” The audio of the entire performance is streaming here (even for US listeners) and you can check out some video from the show below.


(w/ the London Contemporary Orchestra)
“Wall Of Eyes”
“Speech Bubbles”
“Friend Of A Friend”
“Skirting On The Surface”
“You Know Me!”
“I Quit”
“Waving a White Flag”
“Free In The Knowledge”
“Instant Psalm”
“Bending Hectic”

(band only)
“Read The Room”
“A Hairdryer”
“The Same”
“The Smoke”
“The Opposite”
“You Will Never Work In Television Again”

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