Joey Alexander took love of cooking to Up in Smoke Kingston, Ohio

CHILLICOTHE – He likes preparing food, wherever that may be.

“Growing up,” recalled Joey Alexander, “we were always outside playing, camping, riding bicycles – typical kid stuff.”

“I was pretty independent,” he continued, “and could fix myself a simple meal. At the age of 16, I started working at McDonald’s, and went on to be a manager until I was 23. I learned a lot of skills being in that role, that I apply even today in my business. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and smoking meats, and love to see reactions to what I prepare. But I never thought in my future I’d be a business owner.”

Today, Alexander, along with his wife Jaclyn, owns and operates Up In Smoke Kingston, Ohio, a local food truck. “We live in Kingston, so that’s why we included that in the name,” he explained. Together they prep and smoke meats and sides for many events.

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