AUM Holds 50th Alabama History Day on Campus


Students from all across the state brought history to life for Alabama History Day.

The Alabama Humanities Alliance presented the Alabama History Day contest on AUM campus. This was the 50th anniversary for Alabama History Day with this year’s theme being ‘Turning Points in History.’

This is a statewide and year long program where hundreds of middle and high school students share their historical research in creative exhibits, documentaries, or performances. The winners of the contest will compete against other schools across the country for the National History Day competition during the summer.

“We know that history is not some divisive thing, right,” stated Dr. Idrissa N. Snider, who is the Coordinator of Alabama History Day. “It’s just the past, and how it’s unfolded, and when we know our past we’re better informed to be responsible citizens moving forward. So, it’s good that students know their history because it makes them more connected to their community and more connected to each other.”

The National History Day contest will be held in Maryland and Washington D.C. June 9 – 13.

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