Joint Statement from Equity-Minded Education Organizations on The President’s FY25 Budget


WASHINGTON – Today, a group of equity-minded education organizations released the following statement on the Biden-Harris administration’s Fiscal Year 2025 (FY25) budget request:  

“We are pleased to see the Biden-Harris administration’s proposed budget includes a 3.9% increase in education funding. The budget shows a strong grasp of current educational issues, particularly given the ongoing challenges presented by pandemic recovery — which are impacting all students, but especially students of color and students from low-income backgrounds.  

If enacted, the proposals made in this year’s budget would allocate $8 billion dollars in mandatory funds to support the evidence-based interventions that we know have made a difference for students: targeted, intensive tutoring and expanded learning time, alongside strategies to prevent chronic absenteeism. There are also increases to IDEA funding streams that are essential to the more than 7 million P-12 students with disabilities, and more resources for multilingual learners — which are appropriate, given the approaching ESSER fiscal cliff that may negatively impact services provided to assist those students.  

Additionally, the budget has proposed an increase in Title I funds to support schools and districts, alongside additional dollars to expand access to early childhood education and dual enrollment, continue to develop and diversify our nation’s educator workforce via increases to the Teacher Quality Partnership program, and the Hawkins Centers of Excellence, and increase resources for student mental health supports.  

While acknowledging these relative increases, we continue to oppose the imposition of arbitrary budget caps that hinder the ability of the federal government to invest fully in the resources needed so every child in our country has the opportunity to access a quality and equitable education. 

We urge Congress to set aside the caps in FY25 and enact the Biden-Harris administration’s priorities.” 

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