Romence Gardens urges planters to wait until planting season

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — For people like David deVries, the love for gardening was planted early in his life

“Well, it’s one of the influence early influences in my life was both of my grandfathers were immigrants, Dutch landscapers. So going to grandpa’s house was a delight, not only for grandpa, but for his garden,” said deVries. 

He continued planting all of his life, and now has a garden of his own.

13 ON YOUR SIDE asked him if he was ready to plant and he of course said yes.

He said he has visited Romence Gardens several times, looking at flowers and plants hoping something was ready to be planted.

But has the up and down weather we’ve seen impacted our plants?

Co-owner of Romence Gardens, Katy Romence, said you have nothing to worry about.

“I think you have to think about the fact that this is Michigan and Michiganders in general have very short term memories. We forget that March and April can be very up and down in weather,” said Romenece

She said when it comes to planting, things are pretty normal as far as temperatures. She says the warmer weather may warm up some soil spots, and even cause some bulbs plants like tulips to pop up, but you have nothing to worry about.

Which is why she said don’t touch your plants that are already planted or begin to plant. Instead, stick to the typical planting season timeline and tidy up your garden space in the meantime.

“You’ve been given a great opportunity by mother nature to get your garden cleaned up to remove all the old things. You know to get all your weeds any pull any perennial weeds, cut down any perennials, get the garden nice and clean, put down a little bit of mulch if you normally do that do some of your outdoor activities, but I would avoid putting in anything that’s super tender or could get damaged,” said Romence.

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