Fayetteville looking for input on 10-year arts and culture plan

The city wants to develop a 10-year roadmap for building a “vibrant and sustainable arts and culture ecosystem that celebrates creativity and diversity.”

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — The City of Fayetteville is working to create an arts and culture plan that would be formed around several months of engagement from the community. 

“Fayetteville has had this long history of being a place for artists and musicians and for cultural expression. And in order for that, to continue as we grow, we have to think strategically about that,” said Joanna Sheehan Bell, the Arts and Culture Director for the city. “This is the opportunity for us to sort of solicit feedback from our community members and sort of start the conversation.” 

The city wants the plan to be a 10-year roadmap for the future. It encourages residents to share their favorite parts about the art in Fayetteville and what they’d like to see more of. 

“Everything from murals in public space, to cultural institutions,” Bell said. “From public art, like you see behind me to, you know, what kind of concerts are you looking to see come and what kind of events and community gatherings we want to see in our city.” 

As the region continues to grow, the city wants to be able to sustain that growth when it comes to the arts. 

“If you don’t plan to be a culturally vibrant place, you aren’t going to continue to organically be that culturally vibrant place,” Bell said. 

“If someone can make an abstract an abstract sculpture that I could skate? I would love that” said Garrett Gonzales, an avid skater and Fayetteville resident. “Could I match the arts energy, or can I match the sculptures energy with this trick with the skateboarding? Or how I’m moving?” 

The City of Fayetteville encourages residents to share their thoughts through an online questionnaire as well as various events the city puts on including the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market and the “Weekend Starts” series in the Lower Ramble.

“The community engagement phase of the planning process will last into this summer,” a release from the city explained. “It will include activities and events where City staff can gather input and insights from a wide range of stakeholders, including artists, cultural organizations, community leaders and residents. This collaborative approach will help ensure the Arts and Culture plan reflects the diverse voices and visions of the Fayetteville community.”

Bell says that she wants everyone in Fayetteville to take part in the outreach phase. 

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