SHESTCO Invites Researchers, Scientists, Asserts Leadership In Research

A cross section of dignitaries during the SHESTCO Day at the Innovation, Science and Technology Expo in Abuja.

The Sheda Science and Technology Complex (SHESTCO) has extended a warm invitation to scientists and researchers with proposals involving modern equipment, highlighting its position as a premier hub for cutting-edge research in modern technologies.

The director-general of SHESTCO, Prof. Paul Onyenekwe made this announcement during SHESTCO Day at the recent Science, Technology and Innovation Expo organised by the Federal Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology (FMIST) in Abuja, themed “STI: Solution To National Economic Challenges.”

According to Onyenekwe, SHESTCO stands as a leading hub for research utilising modern technology, boasting newly acquired equipment readily available for researchers’ use.

“We extend an invitation to scientists and researchers with proposals involving modern equipment; much of this equipment is not commonly found in most institutions, but we have it available. Our facilities are open for use,” emphasised Onyenekwe.

He reiterated SHESTCO’s commitment to bridging the gap in research and development through technology, highlighting the complex’s role in providing opportunities for institutions of higher learning in Nigeria to conduct capital-intensive research at a cost-effective rate.

Additionally, Onyenekwe outlined SHESTCO’s efforts in facilitating the development of advanced computational and multiscale modelling and simulation foundations, along with establishing a resource-based centre to accelerate scientific discovery in the country.

He further mentioned that SHESTCO had already constructed three zonal offices across the country and had plans to build offices in Kano, Anambra and Plateau.

Onyenekwe emphasised the center’s dedication to nurturing innovative research outcomes contributing to the country’s economic growth, particularly in the field of biotechnology, which offers significant opportunities to build a sustainable economy.

The director of the chemistry advanced research centre at SHESTCO, Prof. Danlami Uzama revealed that the complex had successfully developed an anti-sickening phyto-drug derived from local plants.

He explained that the phyto-drug had undergone compounding and toxicology studies, with preclinical trials indicating its effectiveness as an anti-sickling drug.

Furthermore, Uzama highlighted that SHESTCO had developed an anti-epilepsy phyto-drug currently undergoing phases 1 and 2 clinical trials, showcasing the complex’s commitment to pioneering research in addressing critical health challenges.

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