How to get a deal on special glasses to see upcoming historic solar eclipse

Get special glasses to see the total solar eclipse coming April 8.

Walmart has a plethora of solar eclipse glasses, Telescopes and Microscopes for you to experience the historic event.

Depending on where you are, viewers will see the moon either partially or entirely blocking the sun, creating what has been described as “an eerie and even profound scene.”

In addition, Walmart has a solar eclipse checklist for outdoor essentials including chairs, coolers, fire pits, t-shirts and more to make the rare and special occasion more enjoyable.

Solar eclipses are once-in-a-lifetime events but looking directly at the sun during such events, could cause long-term damage to your eyes.

Shop for Solar Eclipse Glasses, binoculars and Smartphone Photo Lens, designed to help prevent injury to the eyes by filtering out ultra-violet, infrared and most visible light.

Shop now, the eclipse will be here before you know it. Expect to pay $7.99 for a single pair of Solar Eclipse glasses and up to $74.95 for a pair of Solar Eclipse Binoculars.

Get free shipping and free 30-day returns.

Find deals on Solar Eclipse Glasses:

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T-minus 30 days until historic total solar eclipse crosses the U.S.

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