Big birthday celebration for Randgate old age home

The House Of Golden Oldies celebrated its fourth birthday on Wednesday 1 July and spoiled its elderly residents with goodies and some entertainment.

Susan de Beer, manager of the centre said it was not just a birthday celebration but an annual special occasion that is of great significance to those in their care.

We take care of people with frail health who suffer from conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, and those with special needs in general. In order to have a proper celebration, we invited a singer to entertain the elderly people, just to warm their hearts,” Susan said.

She added that the centre is proud to have achieved this milestone as their main aim is to help the elderly people.

“We take care of 60 patients – 45 live in our main house and another 15 live in another home. Due to the spread of Covid-19 we have decided to host a small group. We have auxiliaries, staff nurses and daily activities to help our residents stay active and stimulated. We are proud to help these people because they really need special care,” Susan concluded.

Marthie Cunha and Anna van der Westhuizen enjoying some treats. Photo: Tumi Riba.

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