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 Formerly known as The Wheel, Icon Park’s 400-foot tall observation Ferris wheel gets both a (not-so-) new owner and a (not-so-) new name this week.

The I-Drive attraction was purchased Monday by Merlin Entertainments, an entertainment company with tourist attractions in countries across the world, and given back its original name, The Orlando Eye.

Merlin previously owned and operated the attraction when it first opened, from 2015 to 2018. The latest name comes in a long line of identity changes for the ride. From the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye to The Wheel, this is the attraction’s fifth rename in less than a decade.

Merlin owns several other attractions in Orlando including Legoland Florida Park and Resort, Sea Life Orlando Aquarium and Madame Tussauds Orlando. (Those last two are sited in Icon Park, as is the observation wheel.)

“The Orlando Eye by Merlin Entertainments will become an unmissable stop on visitors’ itineraries, delivering an elevated experience with unobstructed 360-degree views of the Icon Park area and beyond,” Merlin Entertainments CEO Scott O’Neil said in a release.

Chris Jaskiewicz, president and CEO of Icon Park, is also working toward growth in the park, which he believes aligns with Merlin Entertainments’ plans.

“We successfully built and developed it into a famous Orlando landmark, and now welcome the Orlando Eye by Merlin Entertainments as one of our outstanding Icon Park tenants,” Jaskiewicz said.

The Orlando Eye by Merlin Entertainment is located at 8375 International Drive, and tickets can be purchased at

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