Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit 2024 | HiFS 2024

With the advent of ground-breaking technologies such as generative AI and 5G-A, the
financial services industry is advancing into the era of digital finance. Undoubtedly,
AI is poised to reshape financial service models, experiences, and efficiency,
transforming everything from transactions to engagements and thereby unlocking new
productivity. In this dynamic landscape, opportunities and challenges are intertwined.
The widespread adoption of large AI models will impose increasingly stringent
requirements on the resilience, service continuity, and data security of our digital

Huawei will host the 12th Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit at the Shanghai Expo Center
from June 5 to 6, 2024. This event will bring together over 3000 leading figures, KOLs,
academic experts, and innovative practitioners in the global financial industry. Guided
by the digital transformation objectives and AI-driven pathways, we will discuss how to
build Resilient, Intelligent infrastructures to unleash new value in the finance

On behalf of Huawei, I extend a warm invitation to you and look forward to seeing you in

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