Cambridge earn CLEAN SWEEP as they win both Men’s and Women’s races on the Thames

‘Bridge too far for Oxford yet again

Cambridge are striding ahead in the overall tally for boat race triumphs after today’s wins.

The Light Blues’ men now have 87 victories – six more than Oxford.

Cambridge have stretched ahead in the overall tableCredit: Alamy

And in fact Cambridge have lost just once in the last six races.

Oxford rower Leonard Jenkins reckons he might have got to the bottom of one reason his team struggled.

He said: “I felt like we needed to give them a fair fight. It would have been ideal to not have so much poo in the water.

“That’s not to take away from Cambridge, I don’t know if we would have had a chance to beat them even if we were all on form.”

The Light Blues’ women’s team are doing even better following Cambridge’s weekend double triumph.

They now lead Oxford’s women by 48-30 overall.

Taken to the Edge

Matt Edge was so exhausted in Cambridge’s winning crew he had to be helped out of the boat.

His colleagues Sebastian Benzecry, Noam Mouelle, Thomas Marsh, Augustus John, Kenneth Coplan, Thomas Lynch, Luca Ferraro and Ed Bracey refrained from throwing their coach in the Thames.

That was due to warnings about the poor quality of the water.

But Edge’s own lack of intervention was also due to sheer tiredness.

He had wilted in the final stages of thevictory – barely being able to keep his head up.

And after he slumped in his seat at the end, he was supported off the boat.

‘National disgrace’ confirmed

Oxford coach Sean Bowden’s verdict that the Thames had become a “national disgrace” were confirmed by illnesses to some of his rowers.

Bowden has played a key role with his university team since 1997.

And before today’s start he said: “It’s a national disgrace, isn’t it?

“It’s very concerning. And it would be terrific if the Boat Race drew attention to it.

“We are very keen to play a part and we recognise we have a role and a responsibility to it.”

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