A unique celebration of the age-old bond between India and Kenya

This year, Holi saw a unique collaboration between India and Kenya as a unique venture, named Tales to tell stories, was organised by Ananya Pal production and United Asian Network at Nairobi. The event opened with the national anthems of both the nations, followed by a video message from the High Commissioner of India in Kenya, Namgya Khampa. The stage was decorated with Holi themed colours and décor.
UAN chairman and patron of the program Dr Bimal Kantaria gave the opening speech that covered the economic, political and social aspect of the Indians migrated to Kenya during the colonial era.
An animated film, directed by Ananya Pal and created by Nikita Bhatti, named The adventures of Kohli was screened too. The film is based on a true story. The filmmaker took to the stage to address the audience with a walk down memory lane, remembering the colonial past of Kenya through various curated anecdotes.
Filmmaker Salim Amin presented a documentary too, rich with interviews of eminent elderly Kenyan Indians and also spoke about his father, legendary photographer Mohamed Amin’s journey. The latter’s photographs were also exhibited from the archives.
The last segment of the program was a musical drama, helmed by Ananya, that attempted to represent the cultural integration of Indian diaspora through a live dhol recital, followed by garba, bhangra and southern folk dances. Guru Anusiva and Divya Patel choreographed this segment.
Talking about the evening, Ananya said, “This evening is like a trip down memory lane through anecdotes about the colonial past of Kenya besides musical performances that connect Indian folk music forms. It feels great to host such an evening on the eve of the festival of colours, Holi.”

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