Team GB spark fury with traditional Union Jack colours DITCHED to follow England’s football shirt ‘woke’ row

The backlash Nike received for their ‘woke’ rebrand of the Union Jack for England’s new football kit hasn’t put off designers for Team GB it seems.

The sportswear giant sparked anger and dismay after the release of England’s new strip featured an altered St George cross on the collar.

Instead of using the traditional red and white flag, the colours were changed to incorporate blue and purple in the design.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer backed the calls last month for the redesigned St George cross to be scrapped.

But Team GB has now undergone a similar rebrand by designers Thisaway to spark further anger online.

Team GB is the latest to get a controversial rebrand

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The Bath-based agency have done away with the traditional red, white and blue flag to incorporate different patterns and pink and purple colours too.

The designers for Team GB claimed the Union Jack was “far from unique” and felt the need to push the design “as far as we could”.

A statement on their website read: “As with many sport brands, colour was a point of contention.

“Obviously red, white and blue is synonymous with Great Britain, but it’s far from unique, with nations such as France and USA also sporting the same colours.

“We needed to find a way of refreshing Team GB’s colour palette in a way that is both flexible and ownable.

“Rather than trying to look beyond the traditional colours, we decided to embrace them and push the iconic red, white and blue as far as we could.”

The design has caused a stir online with many unhappy about the change to Great Britain’s flag.

One X user complained: “This is all pathetic snowflake c***. A flag is sacred.”

Another simply said: “Deplorable… Wasn’t their flag to change.”

A third called for a boycott, adding: “Switch off, don’t buy until it stops.”

The Union Jack has been changed for Team GB

The Union Jack has been changed for Team GB


One other person wrote: “Only in the UK. World champions in virtue signalling.”

Another asked: “@TeamGB what’s going on? It’s terrible!”

England icon Peter Shilton was similarly upset over the change to the St George cross on the Three Lions jersey.

He told GB News last month: “I am totally against it, which I don’t think is a surprise. I mean I am a traditionalist, really.


Team GB's official website has some items featuring the rebranded flag

Team GB’s official website has some items featuring the rebranded flag


“I think we have seen a lot of design changes on shirts and that’s to get the fans to buy the new shirt every time it changes.

“But now they are messing with the colours on a national flag and you know, where would it stop once it starts?

“Is the next shirt going to have more changes in the colour? So I am against it, I think it is wrong.

“It is only a small change, but I think it could be the start of more changes.

“That’s the way I look on it, once you start changing the colour. I mean the Three Lions is obviously traditional and the fans love that.”

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