The best food and cooking shows to watch in 2024: Dinner Time Live with David Chang, Chefs Uncut, and more

Celebrated for both is culinary expertise and humanitarian efforts, the illustrious chef and restaurateur José Andrés (founder of the World Central Kitchen and repeat James Beard Awardee) takes his daughters on a gastronomic pilgrimage through his homeland with his eponymous series, José Andrés and Family in Spain.

Across the six episodes, the Andrés family journeys through Barcelona and Catalonia, Andulasia, Madrid, Valencia, Asturias, and Lanzarote, highlighting the richness of Spain’s rich culinary tapestry. Planning a trip to Spain? Watch out for Andrés’s favourite restaurants and food destinations, while he unravels the flavours and experiences that sparked his love for cooking.

José Andrés and Family in Spain is streaming on Discovery+ and Max.

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