Gabrielle Union feels ‘most powerful’ when she is naked! | Entertainment

Gabrielle Union feels most “powerful” when she is naked.

The 51-year-old actress – who shot to fame when she appeared in a string of TV shows and films in the 1990s – has a life mantra of being herself at all times and revealed that trait carries over to what she chooses to wear – or not wear – at any given time.

She told People: “She said: “Today, I’m in sweats and my Uggs, very L.A. But last night, baby, I had a slit up to my tuchus and a heel, which usually I fight back against the heels. My style evolves daily and I dress how I feel and sometimes I feel powerful in a suit and sometimes!

“I feel most powerful naked.

“I indulge whatever it is that I’m feeling because the expression through clothes is going to be much more authentic if I dress the way I feel and not to be a hanger for someone else. That’s worked for me!”

The ‘Bring It On’ star admitted that she used to worry about what others may think of her but in recent years, she has come to the conclusion that “not one” person other than herself pays her bills nor are they responsible for anything in her life so refuses to give them any “control” over her life.

She said: “I stopped caring about what other people thought and I realized that the peanut gallery’s thoughts pay not one bill. They’re not with me in the trenches, so why am I giving them control of how I look or what I put on my body or who I’m friends with or opportunities that I seek out? I’m me 100% of the time.”

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