‘100% going to rot and grow mold’

A gardener posted troubling photos of their baby eggplant to the r/vegetablegardening Reddit community, prompting concern among commenters.

The photos show a small eggplant growing in the OP’s garden placed in a sealed plastic bag.

The OP asked the community for advice: “Thoughts on this? I wrapped the eggplant in plastic because they are prone to insects. Will this cause harm to the fruit?” 

Photo Credit: Reddit

Many commenters strongly recommended against the plastic bag, with one saying, “That’s 100% going to rot and grow mold – take that off and please use any spare netting maybe?”

Luckily, there are plenty of natural ways to keep pests away without killing your plants. 

For instance, one gardener found that planting flowers such as dwarf cosmos, French marigolds, and nasturtium can help ward off some pests, including lacewings, lady beetles, and parasitic wasps.

If you grow strawberries, you can plant onions to keep bugs at bay since the pungent smell repels them, as another gardener suggested. Or, you could try the 10,000-year-old method of growing herbs such as basil, lemongrass, mint, and lavender alongside your fruits and veggies to deter insects. 

If you can manage to keep bugs from devouring your harvest, growing your own food or native plants can help you save time and money on lawn maintenance and grocery shopping. 

Native plants require less water and fertilizer because they’re adapted to local environmental conditions, making them ideal choices in arid climates. Drought-resistant options like xeriscaping and clover can help you conserve water, even if you only replace a portion of your lawn. 

In addition, you’ll be doing the planet a favor by providing food and habitat for pollinators, and if you grow food, reducing the demand for store-bought, globally shipped produce.

“Definitely recommend a mesh fruit bag, this will almost certainly cause rot to happen quickly, plus the opening you left makes it so bugs can still get in it,” one commenter said.

Another suggested, “Look up companion plants for eggplant—there are so many herbs that you can plant alongside to keep pests at bay without having to bag up your garden.”

“I recommend drawstring organza bags! They’re inexpensive (like $10 for 100) and the mesh is fine enough to keep bugs out,” said someone else.

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