Humboldt Education Foundation: Penny War for Hunger Results!

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The Humboldt Education Foundation (HEF) challenged the schools and the community to a Penny War in February, and the results are in!

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One of the primary missions of the Humboldt Education Foundation (HEF) through the Hungry Kids Project (HKP) is to enable students to learn, by eliminating childhood hunger. Today, over 52 percent of the children in the 10 HUSD schools are eligible for free or reduced school lunches.

Between February 20-23, our local students in all the HUSD were challenged to a penny war

Some schools were extremely competitive. Last year the competition raised $4000.36 with Liberty Traditional School raising the most at $1840.13.

The results are in, and this year $4541.26 was raised with Liberty Traditional School raising $3026.94, over 60 percent increase in fundraising for Hungry Kids. Aimee Fleming, HEF President said, “We are so excited, congratulations go to Liberty Traditional School and all our students, for the best fundraising ever. We would also like to thank Pam Liuzzo the District Nutritionist for all her coordination.”

See how much the students raised below:

LTS: $3026.94 (1st place)
GHMS: $571.14 (2nd place)
HES: $437.13 (3rd place)
CSES: $204.40
LVES: $89.67
GES: $54.52
MVES: $79.45
BMMS: $20.00
Venmo: 58.00
Grand Total = $4541.25

The community was challenged to match what the schools raised, and they did, with a total of $4,913.08 being donated. Lori Hunt, HEF Board member said, “This will pay for almost two months of food purchases.”

Hungry Kids labor costs are currently low as the purchasing, packing, and distribution of the food bags are all done by HKP volunteers

The team packs over 250 bags per week with a per-bag cost of $11.

HEF has also been successful in writing grants and local churches generously donate on a regular basis. Monetary donations are used to purchase items through partnerships with school food and nutrition services and local grocery stores. There is a specific list of items that get packed in each bag. During the school year, students that are referred to the project are provided with 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 2 dinners each Friday. The most rewarding part of the HK project is that students have full bellies on Monday morning and are ready to learn!

How can the community help?

Monetary donations and gift cards to Fry’s and Walmart are what is needed right now, please mail donations to Hungry Kids Project, POB 25606, Prescott Valley 86312.

You can join the HKP team and help pack bags on Friday mornings by calling Molly at 928.899.2639. In addition to the Hungry Kids, HEF’s primary focus is the Teacher of the Year (TOY) event scheduled for April 18 at the Warehouse in Prescott Valley. Other Foundation projects include the Carm Staker Student Scholarship Award and classroom grants for special projects.

The Humboldt Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and an approved State of Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization for Arizona Tax Credit program.

For more information on HEF, to donate, become a sponsor of TOY, or if you are interested in joining the board visit the HEF website at or contact Aimee Fleming at

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