Where to Get Spam Musubi in San Diego

Späm & Kimchi Bowl

The Plot

For this brunch bowl, Oceanside’s plant-based pioneer makes an animal-free version of Spam with red lentils, then lays it over crispy rice with scallions, sesame, Napa cabbage, sea beans, teriyaki, and “yum yum” sauce for a savory, fully vegan experience.

Scrambled Eggs With White Rice & Spam

Fathom Bistro, Bait, and Tackle

Eggs, rice, Spam—why mess with perfection? Plus, this Shelter Island gem has some of the best views in the county. Fathom is a beer for brunch type of place, so skip the bloody mary and opt for a local brew instead.

Courtesy of Leilani’s Cafe

Spam Musubi Leilani’s Style

Leilani’s Cafe

This family-owned café has brought a taste of the islands to Pacific Beach for 20 years, slinging Hawaiian favorites like poke, loco moco, and teriyaki chicken. But it’s their spin on Spam musubi that starts a day off right. Leilani’s wraps Spam, rice, egg, and furikake seasoning in nori and serves it with a spicy mayo dipping sauce. Eight tiny pieces of aloha.

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