King Charles Taps Prince Edward and Duchess Sophie to Step In for Him at Historic Event

As King Charles continues his treatment for cancer, he can thankfully call upon other royal family members to fill in for him. This time, it was Prince Edward and Duchess Sophie’s turn to step up. The pair took part in a historic Buckingham Palace ceremony on Monday, which saw the traditional Changing of the Guard include French troops for the first time.

This is the 120th anniversary of a key diplomatic agreement between the U.K. and France known as the “Entente Cordiale.” It involved 32 members of the Gendarmerie’s Garde Républicaine, joining 40 Guardsmen from the Scots Guards. This was the first time that soldiers from a non-Commonwealth country had joined the ceremony.

In a parallel gesture, 16 soldiers from Number 7 Company Coldstream Guards, accompanied by two military musicians, joined troops from 1st Régiment de la Garde Républicaine in Paris, to provide the Presidential Guard outside the Elysée Palace. This was the first time a foreign state had helped to guard the French Presidential Residence.

Prince Edward and Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh, stepped in for the historic event.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

French President Emmanuel Macron inspected the troops there, with the expectation that King Charles would observe the ones in London. Unfortunately, this was not possible for Charles, so he sent two of the most stable and hardworking members of the royal family in his place. Edward and Sophie have been the quiet backbone of the royal family for years, and will celebrate 25 years of marriage this June.

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