Festivals and more fun things to do this weekend in Sarasota

While Florida’s tourist season is winding down, we happen to have some of the biggest and best events of the entire year happening this weekend here in sunny Sarasota County.

In fact, the Sarasota Film Festival alone has scheduled two parties and a free outdoor movie screening featuring an appearance by one of my all-time favorite actors and filmmakers, who’s starred in at least three of the most essential movies of the past three decades. Meanwhile, the city of Venice hosts one of its biggest annual festivals on Saturday and Sunday as well.

There’s also a free block party in downtown Sarasota in celebration of one of the area’s top craft beer bars, as well as a big, boozy event happening at Ed Smith Stadium. Finally, there’s a fine option for Bradenton residents as well, with a free concert taking place at Riverwalk.

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