Pre-Bohag Bihu celebration at ‘Amar Ghor’ old age home

Guwahati: In a heartwarming display of community spirit and cultural celebration, Achyut Group celebrated BohagBihu with the residents of Amar Ghor Old Age Home. Recognizing the significance of fostering traditions and connections within the community, Achyut Group orchestrated a special event to commemorate the auspicious festival of RongaliBihu with the residents of the Old Age Home.

The event was a delightful affair, filled with traditional folk dances and engaging games. The highlight of the celebration was indeed the Bihu dance, captivating the audience and spreading smiles all around.

Anita Choudhary, the moderator of Amar Ghor Old Age Home, expressed her gratitude to Achyut Group for organising the delightful event. Having been present with the organization before the establishment’s opening in 2003, she also highlighted the significance of the occasion, emphasizing how the pre-Bihu celebration brought immense joy to everyone at home, a press release said.

Speaking about the event, NitinChakraborty, a resident of the Amar Ghor Old Age Home, expressed how the establishment has become his family, and his perception of old age has transformed into one of peaceful coexistence and happiness. Chakraborty also praised the facilities provided at the home, including physiotherapy services, washing machines, cleaning assistance, and medical care through a tie-up with Downtown Hospital.

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