Puthandu Feast: 5 Must-Have Traditional Foods for the Tamil New Year 2024!

Puthandu, the Tamil New Year, is being celebrated today on Sunday, April 14. It is observed on the first day of the Tamil month of Chithirai. From preparing traditional dishes to exchanging gifts, people mark the day with utmost joy. The day is also known as Varusha pirappu. As per Drik Panchang, the sankranti shubh muhurat for Puthandu was 09:15 PM, on April 13. Here’s a look at some of the traditional dishes which one can relish during the festival.

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  1. Manga Pachadi
    A sweet and tangy chutney made with a variety of flavours like raw mango, jaggery, betel leaves and spices. It is consumed as a side dish and signifies the cyclical nature of life with the raw mango representing the past year and the sweetness of jaggery symbolising hope for a prosperous new year.
  2. Payasam
    How can one refrain from something sweet on a day of new beginning. So, savour a creamy rice pudding called Aval Payasam, a South Indian style Kheer traditionally made from rice, nuts, jaggery and boiled milk.
  3. Paruppu Vadai
    These crispy lentil fritters made with a mixture of soaked and ground lentils, spiced with green chillies, ginger, and curry leaves are extremely loved and preferred during the festive season. Paruppu Vadai comes in various shapes and sizes, adding a delightful punch to the Puthandu feast.
  4. Masala Dal Vada
    It is prepared from the concoction of two pulses, urad and chana dal. Masala Dal Vada is a mouth-watering snack. It is served with coconut chutney, sambar, or rasam. Different variations of the recipe include oats and vegetables to make it a healthy option.
  5. Kalyana Rasam
    Also known as Arachuvitta Rasam is a traditional dish known to have a lot of digestive properties which soothe an individual’s stomach. This is a must-have dish on occasion. It is made by grinding dal, rasam spice, and pepper flavoured tamarind water.
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first published: April 14, 2024, 06:25 IST

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