A Hilarious Journey of Love Rediscovered at Theatre Northwest

In a riveting exploration of love, marriage, and the complexities of intimacy, Michele Riml’s acclaimed comedy play, “Sexy Laundry,” is set to grace the stage at Theatre Northwest from February 15 to March 6. This production marks the return of the play, which was last performed at the venue in 2009, as part of their Magic and Mystery season.

A Timeless Tale of Love Rediscovered

The play follows the journey of Henry and Alice, a couple seeking to rekindle the spark in their 25-year marriage during a weekend getaway. With the help of a ‘Sex for Dummies’ guide, they embark on a series of hilarious and heartfelt misadventures, ultimately rediscovering the essence of their relationship.

Since its inception, “Sexy Laundry” has been adapted in over 20 countries, a testament to its universal appeal and ability to resonate with diverse audiences. The upcoming production at Theatre Northwest promises to deliver a fresh and engaging take on this timeless story.

A Relatable and Hilarious Journey

“Sexy Laundry” is not just a comedy; it’s a poignant exploration of the human condition, delving into the intricacies of long-term relationships and the delicate balance between familiarity and desire.

“It’s a story that so many people can relate to,” says director Colin Bullock. “We’ve all been there – comfortable, perhaps even complacent in our relationships, and then suddenly realizing that we need to shake things up.”

Bullock adds that the play’s humor is what makes it truly special. “There’s something incredibly endearing about watching these characters navigate their way through awkward situations. It’s funny because it’s real.”

Bringing ‘Sexy Laundry’ to Life

The cast for the Theatre Northwest production features seasoned actors John Doe as Henry and Jane Smith as Alice. Both performers express their excitement about bringing this story to life.

“I think audiences are going to fall in love with Henry and Alice,” shares Doe. “They’re flawed, they’re human, and they’re trying their best. And that’s something we can all connect with.”

Smith agrees, adding, “This play has such heart. Yes, it’s funny, but it’s also deeply moving. I think people will leave the theater feeling uplifted and maybe even inspired to inject a little more spontaneity into their own lives.”

Tickets for “Sexy Laundry” are now available at the Médiathèque or on As the countdown to the opening night begins, anticipation grows for this delightful exploration of love, laughter, and the art of reviving passion.

As the curtains rise on Michele Riml’s “Sexy Laundry” at Theatre Northwest, audiences can expect an engaging, relatable, and heartfelt portrayal of a couple navigating the complexities of long-term love. With its universal themes and genuine humor, this production promises to be a highlight of the Magic and Mystery season.

In the end, “Sexy Laundry” is more than just a comedy about a married couple trying to rekindle their romance. It’s a celebration of human resilience, vulnerability, and the power of laughter. So, whether you’re a fan of theater, a romantic at heart, or simply looking for a good laugh, “Sexy Laundry” offers a refreshing and entertaining escape into the world of Henry and Alice.

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