Ministry Unveils Dynamic New Video For “New Religion” –

Ministry’s 16th studio album HOPIUMFORTHEMASSES is out via Nuclear Blast Records and streaming on everywhere. After months of teasing album singles and videos for “Goddamn White Trash,” plus “Just Stop Oil,” and “B.D.E.” the six-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated multiplatinum performance also has another new song out today with “New Religion.”

See the music video for “New Religion” HERE

Says band frontman, Al Jourgensen, of the track, “All traditional faiths seem to pale in comparison to our new ‘Deity’ Media.”

Over the run of the album’s nine tracks, Jourgensen is righteously irratable about a f***ed up world. As always, he’s looking at the same dumpster fire we all are, but he’s got a microphone and uses it well to rage about the state of the world.

“New Religion” starts off with the acoustics going on for thirty seconds before the title is screamed. They call this new belief “a twisted vision” with Al Jourgensen seen nailed to the cross. This song seems to challenge social media by shouting “Have my doubts when people shout / Their information”. In addition, the song challenges capitalism by asking “which corporation” ruins the listeners innocence. They chant how wrong it is, and the band encourages the listeners to embrace tradition. This song takes its time to deliver it’s lyrics, and they compare businesses to that of savages that only care about profit. It’s possible that they are referring to the church in general and how hypocritical It is that they ask for money (despite them saying that it’s the root of all evil). The song ends with them saying that “that’s just not right”.

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