This 77-Year-Old Bride Wore a Custom Attersee Suit for Her Manhattan Wedding Celebration

At first, Barbara Guggenheim wasn’t going to make a fuss about her wedding: Guggenheim, 77, married her now husband Alan Patricof, 89, in an intimate ceremony at her Park Avenue apartment in Manhattan in December of 2023. But she agreed to a New York Times feature on the union—and looking back, she’s now glad she did. 

“I got a call from a gallerist who said, ‘My mother, who is a widow at 70, read the article and then started online dating,’” Guggenheim tells Vogue. “If it’s just one person I inspired, it’s worth it.”

Following another, larger wedding celebration in late January, Guggenheim is now happy to talk at length about her look—a custom suit from the label Attersee, founded by her niece Isabel Wilkinson Schor—in the hope of inspiring other brides. “It’s a good look for older people, but it’s just a plain old good look for any age!” Guggenheim notes.

As Guggenheim wore a Dior suit she plucked from her own closet to the civil wedding, she knew she wanted something new for this party. And as a devoted client of Attersee (when asked about her favorite pieces: “Gosh, how much time do you have?”), there was no one but Wilkinson Schor for the job.

Photo: Carey MacArthur

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