Bryn Mawr Concert Series returning for another season

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The crowd gathers to hear Susan Werner at the gazebo in Bryn Mawr. Photo/video by Pete Bannan.

LOWER MERION—The annual Bryn Mawr Twilight Concert Series will return this year with a feature that was added last year.

This week, the Lower Merion Parks and Recreation Committee approved a motion to recommend the commissioners allow open containers of alcohol on township property.

“We’re seeking board approval for a waiver for the Bryn Mawr Twilight Concert Series to provide beer and wine at the summer concert series in Bryn Mawr. This would be the second year of this request,” said Donna Heller, director of parks and recreation for Lower Merion.

The Bryn Mawr Twilight Concert Series consists of live concerts on the grounds at the Bryn Mawr Gazebo, 9 South Bryn Mawr Ave. in Bryn Mawr, beginning in May and running through August.

The concerts have been ongoing since 2007 and are financially self-sufficient in that they have attracted sponsors and collected admittance fees to fund the operations.

David Broida, a township resident who has been involved with organizing the concert series since its inception in 2007, thanked the board for its continued support.

“Started Bryn Mawr Twilight Concerts in 2007; this is our 18th year,” said David Broida. “I just like to express my appreciation first for your service as commissioners. You put a lot of time in, and also for your support of the Bryn Mawr Twilight Concerts. One of the things I’m most proud of, in addition to bringing nationally touring acts like Livingston Taylor, Dar Williams, we also put local acts on the stage with opening acts like Jonathan Doh, Richard Douglass, Becca Fox has been there; the Merion Concert Band will be there this summer. So I invite you all to come out. It’s in Mr. Zelov’s ward but you all have residents who come, so please come out to the Bryn Mawr Twilight concerts. We look forward to seeing you this summer.”

A board member thanked Broida for the work he does.

“Mr. Broida, thank you very much for all of the work you do organizing. It’s a wonderful concert series all summer, and it’s a great addition to our township,” said Commissioner Andy Gavrin.

The 2024 Concert Series will consist of separate live concerts by music performers on the grounds of the Bryn Mawr Gazebo, 9 South Bryn Mawr Ave. in Bryn Mawr, during May, June, July and August on dates agreed upon by the township.

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