Ruff day for Sting! Music legend loses out to singer Chris Amoo as his Irish Wolfhounds place second at Crufts

Day 4 of the world’s most prestigious dog show has kicked off in Birmingham – and there are some very exciting entrants.

And to ratchet the excitement up at notch, this year saw a battle between two rockstars take place.

Viewers yesterday were excited to see Chris Amoo take on Sting, whose wife Trudy has reportedly bred some 85 dogs over recent years.

However, in the battle of the rockers, it was Chris Amoo that was victorious, coming first with his wolfhounds.

Sting was pushed into second place with his wolfhounds, after judging had taken place. 

Chris Amoo – who pushed Sting into second place – with Sade Melchior and Sade Prelude, two Irish Wolfhounds on day 3 (Saturday)
Singer Sting`s Irish Wolfhounds resting prior to the events on Saturday (and before Sting competed and came second on Sunday)
Rockstar Sting with his wife Trudy, who has been breeding dogs for several years (pictured in New York in February)

Despite being the most prestigious dog competition in the world, viewers may be surprised to learn that it is not a very lucrative pastime.

Competition at the event – which is held at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham – is fierce, with some 18,000 canines taking part.

This enormous number of dogs is battling it out for the the title of Crufts Best in Show. 

After four days of competitions and various activities, the overall winner is announced on Sunday evening. 

And despite the fierce competition, and number of animals taking part, the winner of the Best in Show award only wins a minimal amount,

In the past, this was jus £100. However, in 2023, this rose to £200, with the prize doubling.

But it is clearly not for the cash that many are competing, rather for the prestige of winning the big title.  

According to The Kennel Club, speaking to Birmingham Live: ‘For the vast majority of breeders, it is about the prestige, not the money.’ 

Chris Amoo with Sade Melchior, an Irish Wolfhounds performing in the Limit Dog Class today (Sunday)
Singer Sting`s Irish Wolfhounds resting before taking part in events on Saturday at Crufts
Sting’s Irish wolfhounds on Saturday resting
Laura Barclay with Sting’s Irish Wolfhound Creena Atticus Finch at Dukesarum in the ring today (Sunday)
Laura Barclay competing with Sting’s Irish Wolfhound in the Limit Dog, taking part in class on Sunday (today)
ROSETTE: Creena Atticus Finch at Dukesarum being presented with a rosette for coming second
LONG HAIR: An Afghan hound is groomed before being judged on the last day of the Crufts
An Afghan Hound is prepared for the show ring on the final day of Crufts in Birmingham
On day 4 of Crufts Dog Show at the National Exhibition Centre, Borzoi pose with handlers
GROOMED: An Afghan Hound is prepared by their handler for the final day of Crufts on Sunday
READY FOR THE RING: A woman brushes an Afghan Hound’s hair as the animal prepares to take part in the competition
GETTING BRUSHED: Another Afghan hound is groomed before taking part in his competition on day 4
A Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund is seen during judging on the final day of the Crufts dog show
AFGHAN: On the final day of Crufts, an Afghan is prepared for the show ring with long hair brushed into shape
MATCHING TROUSERS: A Dog is seen with his handler, who is wearing novelty trousers decorated with canines
An Irish Wolfhound stands with his owner who is wearing a kilt at the Crufts dog show in Birmingham
Ahead of the judging panel, an Irish Wolfhound waits to take part in competition, sitting with her owner

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