Protecting people: a social issue that also affects spirituality

Fr Mark Ravizza SJ, Delegate for Formation in the Society of Jesus, presented the history of safeguarding formation of Jesuits, sharing evidence regarding the work done and the current need to moving forward with a curriculum in this area for all stages of Jesuit formation. PCCP coordinators shared their first developments of this curriculum, which focuses on the community dimension of positive human development and socialization.

Fr Jaramillo gave a clear social justice framework to the meeting, reminding all that the most vulnerable need to be at the centre of our concerns and planning in this new PCCP phase. Fr Benoit Malvaux SJ, the Procurator of the Society of Jesus, shared important updates in canon law that apply to safeguarding. Fr John Dardis SJ, General Counsellor for Discernment and Apostolic Planning and Director of Communications in the General Curia, shared with the delegates some key communication guidelines when facing cases of abuse. Fr Victor Assouad SJ, member of the global Commission on the Role and Responsibilities of Women of the Society of Jesus, spoke about the commission’s work and possibilities of collaboration.

This first in person meeting has helped to cultivate a sense of community among the Conference safeguarding delegates and strengthens us in the PCCP mission.

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